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Marcy Patrick Trueheart

Marcy Patrick Trueheart’s smile is big, but not as big as her heart! For over 37 years, her passion for nonprofit organizations has been showcased by her commitment and involvement to the community and church ministries. Marcy dedicates her time to organizations like the D. Brown Foundation, Positive Innovation to Success (P.I.T.S.) Sports, and the Ayanna McCallister Legacy Foundation which are all founded on the progression of and empowering youth. She has served for over 40 years, at her church, Galilee Baptist Church, dedicating herself to The Gospel Ensemble, Mass Choir, Youth Ministry, Public Relations Team, and currently the Deaf Ministry. In the past 2 years, she has been the Interim Music and Fine Art’s Coordinator. Marcy is also a member of the Maryland chapter of Mom Demands Action - further illustrating her dedication to the community and fervor for change.

Marcy's passion for people, art, and literacy has led her to hosting various events. Her presence and infectious personality commands the room and she is no stranger to leading, moderating, or creating conversation. She has had the pleasure of hosting several virtual books launches and other in-person events. Marcy has also worked closely with make-up artist Derrick Rutledge, author and playwriter Mychea, and was a co-host on The D. Brown Sports Show. She has appeared on talk shows with Mayas Tellfair and has been a guest on several radio stations. And now, she enjoys co-hosting Thursday Therapy with Tyreese McAllister. 


Marcy is a Mental Health Advocate, changing the stigma surrounding Mental Health in the black and brown community. Marcy’s heart sees no limits! She is dedicated to being a vessel - positively impacting those around her. This is shown in her work as an Amassador for She Royal Gem's. Marcy is in the process of launching a private label of natural skin care line, Tru Adornment Skin Therapy.   

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, worshiping God, bellydance, horseback riding, shopping, listening to Podcasts, and most importantly - working on improving her mental health, wellbeing, and state of mind.

Marcy’s favorite quote is “Are you living a passionate life?” She has an infectious joy, making the world beautiful - one person at a time!

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